Lacolada Self-service laundry in Ponferrada, near Albergue San Nicolas de Flue and Molinaseca. It is the ideal service for pilgrims and motorhomes.

LaColada self-service laundry in Ponferrada

LaColada Lavandería Autoservicio is a self-service laundry (laudromat) located in Ponferrada (El Bierzo). We are in the course of the Camino de Santiago on the Camino Frances.

Wash your clothes for only €4 in 35 minutes 

We offer the ideal service for travellers, pilgrims and motorhomes. You can wash and dry your clothes in less than an hour. The launderette is open every day of the year, including Sundays and holidays.

Laundry Self-services in Camino de Santiago, Ponferrada, near Molinaseca, Riego de Ambros, El Acebo... | Laundromat Clean and Dry in 1 hour. Open 365 days Fast and Cheap

We are located in the old part of the city, if you are doing the Camino de Santiago, you will find our laundry 3 minutes walk from the San Nicolás de Flué Pilgrim Hostel.

Dry your clothes for only €3 in 16 minutes 

The use of washers and dryers is very simple, even so, we have instructions for use in English. The machines only accept €1 coins (card payment is not accepted) and we have a change machine for €5, €10 and €20 bills.

Laundertte Lacolada Lavanderia Autoservicio Ponferrada. Washing and Drying machines close Albergue San Nicolas de Flue, Albergue de peregrinos Alea, Alguergue-Hotel Guiana

We have washing machines with a capacity of 12kg and 16kg. The size of industrial washing machines is much larger than that of a domestic washing machine, so you can wash a large amount of clothes, the same thing happened with dryers.

How does the self-service laundry work?  

It is importat that you disinfect and clean your clothes. For a total price of €7 you can have your clothes clean and dry in only approximately 50 minutes (you don´t need to provide washing products). In the surroundings you can find several supermarkets, restaurants, bars, shops, hostels, hotels, historical places of interest...

Lacolada Laundry Clean and Dry. Automatic washers and dryers to disinfect wash and dry clothes

Washing machines  


Washer 12kg - 4€

Washer 12kg - 4€

Washer 16kg - 6€

Load the clothes in the washer, choose the program: low temperature (20º), medium temperature (30º) or high temperature (40º). Enter the coins (it only accepts €1 coins) and press the start button. the washing time is approximately 35 minutes and you do not need to provide washing products. It is important that you read the labels on your clothes to know at what temperatures you should wash and dry your clothes (see the meaning of the labels)

Drying machines


Dryer 18kg - 3€

Dryer 18kg - 3€

Load the dryer, choose the program: low temperature (30º), medium temperature (45º) or high temperature (60º), enter the coins (it only accepts €1 coins) and press the start button. You can extend the drying time (5 minutes before it ends), each additional euro equals 5 minutes and you can open the door at any time. It is not allowed to dry products with plastic because they can melt. It is important that you read the labels of your clothes to know at what temperatures you should wash and dry your clothes (see the meaning of the labels) 

Opening hours and location

Working hours: 8:30 - 22:00 Every day (including Sundays and holidays)
Location: Calle San Valerio, 19, 24401, Ponferrada, León
Lavanderia Autoservicio en Ponferrada | Self-service laundry in Ponferrada | Laverie automatique libre-service à Ponferrada | 蓬费拉达的自动洗衣店 | Münzbetriebene Waschsalons | Lavanderie a gettoni

Places of interest near the La Colada laundry



Mencia Restaurant 4,4⭐3 min walk
7 Sillas Restaurant 4,6⭐5 min walk
Arco del cenador 4,5⭐6 min walk
12 Torres Restaurant 4,510 min walk
La casa del botillo 4,320 min walk


Supermercado Gadis 4,22 min walk
Bazar EM Home Market 4,52 min walk
Alimentación La Tiendina 4,46 min walk
Supermercado Dia 4,16 min walk
Supermercado La Peregrina 4,26 min walk

Bars & Pubs

Bar Venuska 4,61 min walk
Gatopardo Gastrobar 4,22 min walk
Bar La Destilería 4,52 min walk
Bar El Otro Pintxos 4,63 min walk
Bar / Hostal Rabel 4,14 min walk
Bar La Obrera 4,315 min walk


Albergue San Nicolás de Flué 4,36 min walk
Albergue de peregrinos Alea 4,57 min walk
Albergue de peregrinos Guiana 4,68 min walk
Albergue San Roque 4,223 min by bike
Albergue Santa Marina 4,123 min by bike
Albergue Señor Oso 4,626 min by bike


Hotel AC Ponferrada 4,27 min walk
Hotel Aroi 3,95 min by bike
Hotel Temple 3,56 min by bike
Hotel Plaza 4,27 min by bike
Hotel El Palacio 4,426 min by bike
Hotel Casa Ramón26 min by bike

Interesting Sites

Museo del Bierzo 4,36 min walk
Basílica de la Encina 4,57 min walk
Museo de la Radio 4,48 min walk
Castillo de los Templarios 4,59 min walk
Museo del Ferrocarril 4,36 min by bike
Puente romano de Molinaseca 4,726 min by bike